Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Friends of the Cinematheque Program

The Seoul Cinematheque is currently running their annual "Friends of the Cinematheque" festival until early March. Among the many great films showing are:

Greed (Erich Von Stroheim, 1924)
Sunrise (F.W. Murnau, 1927)
The Grapes of Wrath (John Ford, 1940)
His Girl Friday (Howard Hawks, 1940)
Sunset Blvd. (Billy Wilder, 1950)
Night and the City (Jules Dassin, 1950)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Howard Hawks, 1953)
Bigger Than Life (Nicolas Ray, 1956)
Midnight Cowboy (John Schlesinger, 1969)
Get Carter (Mike Hodges, 1971)
...All the Marbles (Robert Aldrich, 1981)
Possession (Andrzej Zulawski, 1981)

Also, the following foreign film are listed as playing with English subtitles:

The Mirror (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975)
Boy Meets Girl (Leos Carax, 1984)
Aprile (Nanni Moretti, 1998)
Tropical Malady (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2004)

I am back in Korea after my trip to Canada and have the month off, so hopefully I'll be able to see and write about a number of these films.


roujin said...

ooh, boy meets girl! the mirror! bigger than life!

Some good ones. Hope you can write about them :)

roujin said...

I actually just noticed that they were showing possession there. I recently saw it myself. Fascinating film.

Would've loved to read your take on it.