Monday, 7 July 2008

Summer Vacation at the Cinematheque

The Cinematheque has announced its "summer vacation" program, running from July 11-August 17. It includes:

-a Sergio Leone retrospective, with the Dollars trilogy, Once Upon a Time in the West, and Once Upon a Time in America (full version).

-a Hal Hartley retrospective

-a screening of one of my favorite films, The Third Man, as well as Rififi, Walkabout, Woman on the Dunes, and others

plus, this Saturday, a three film marathon of Hong Sang-soo films: Woman on the Beach, Night and Day, and A Tale of Cinema. Apparently Hong will be in attendance for the screening of Night and Day. No word on subtitles, but hopefully.

I will miss most of the program because I will be away, but I should get a chance to see Once Upon a Time in the West and the Hong Sang-soo films before I leave.


Anonymous said...

Nice list, really! I'd be glad to see a Hartley restropective, here, someday...

Shubhajit said...

Wow, a Sergio Leone retrospective. That should be cool. i have Once Upon A Time in America, but haven't ended up watching it yet (the epic length is certainly a deterrent).

Recently watched Tsai Ming-Liang's Rebels of the Neon God, and have even reviewed it in my blog. Would like to know your views on the movie.

Marc Raymond said...

I haven't seen REBELS OF THE NEON GOD, but hope to go back and check it out at some point. I might try to go see ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA on Sunday. Like you, I have it on DVD but still haven't watched it.