Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Link to documentaries

I've added a link to the user DemocraticMedia on youtube. The user has uploaded a large number of great documentaries in quite good quality, from older films such as HEARTS AND MINDS and MANUFACTURING CONSENT to recent work by Michael Moore, Robert Greenwald, and the British director Adam Curtis, among others. Particularly interesting is the work of Curtis, who has made a number of multi-part docs for the BBC: THE CENTURY OF THE SELF (2002) (4 parts, 1 hour each), THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES (2004) (3 parts, 1 hour each), and THE TRAP (2007) (3 parts, 1 hour each). My favorite of the group is THE TRAP but all are worth watching. The great Canadian film THE CORPORATION as well as Alex Gibney's Oscar winner TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE are also included.

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