Friday, 22 February 2008

This Week

A Jean Rouch retrospective begins this week at the Seoul Cinematheque. Jean Renoir's A DAY IN THE COUNTRY plays Sunday 4:00pm and Renoir's MADAME BOVARY plays Tuesday 7:00pm at the Dongseung Cinematheque. Also, the schedule for the Renoir retrospective starting March 1st at the Seoul Cinematheque is now available at their website.

Also, in time for the Oscars, JUNO, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and ATONEMENT are all playing at many multiplexes across the city.

Next Thursday (28th), the Cannes winner from this year, 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS, AND 2 DAYS will be playing at Cinecube, along with Korean cineaste Hong Sang-Soo's new film, NIGHT AND DAY, which just premiered at the Berlin Film Festival last week. Unfortunately, it is doubtful either will have English subtitles.

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