Thursday, 17 January 2008

Chungmuro Film Festival

In October this year, there was the 1st Chungmuro Film Festival in Seoul. Unlike most other festivals, it focused on older films. Notable events included:

Retrospectives on Chaplin, John Boorman, Lindsay Anderson, Luchino Visconti and Patrick Tam;
Sections on Korean cinema, Australian cinema and Hong Kong cinema;
Restored prints of numerous films, from popular films like GONE WITH THE WIND and THE SOUND OF MUSIC to cult items like Argento's SUSPIRIA and HEAVEN'S GATE.

I was able to attend 5 films: THE LEOPARD, DELIVERANCE, if..., POINT BLANK, and HEAVEN'S GATE. The only print that was a problem was DELIVERANCE, which was shown in a badly faded 16mm version. The others were fine and if... was especially nice.

From all accounts the festival was a success, with a reported 70% attendance rate, and there is another festival scheduled for next August, so something to keep an eye on.

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